Why three South Africans turned down their perfect lives

If somebody offered you your perfect life, chances are good that you would grab it with both hands.  But the opposite happened recently in Glacier by Sanlam’s #FutureFWD retirement campaign.  Three South Africans said no to theirs, not realising that this was the offer they’d already made themselves.

Atmosphere teamed up with Society for a campaign to highlight the importance of knowing today what your monthly retirement salary will be, by making use of Glacier’s newly developed online calculator.

The three South Africans from the campaign YouTube video were taken through the process by international speaker, author and life strategist, Justin Cohen and a team of experts who dug deep into every aspect of their lives.  From career and financials to dreams and aspirations, they got a real sense of what it is that they wanted.  To help them live their perfect life.

Each subject was then presented with an envelope holding a number: the amount of money available to make that life a reality.  All three individuals immediately turned down the offer, not knowing it represented their actual monthly retirement salary based on their current savings and retirement contributions.

The aim of the campaign was to help South Africans understand exactly what they’ll have every month in today’s value, at retirement.  Atmosphere’s approach included a one-of-a-kind personalised creative drop to key influencers, telling them the story of their perfect lives.  We also implemented native advertising content and traditional media relations to top marketing, lifestyle and personal finance media.

Watch the Glacier by Sanlam FutureFWD video to see how the campaign unfolded.

  • Josephine Mbire
  • Deon Koch and Justin Cohen
  • Deon Koch, Josephine Mbire and Karin Henriques

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