Why PR and Design Go Together Like PB and J

Peanut butter and jelly

By Daniele Peplouw, Graphic Designer

In an ever-changing digital age, you’ve got to be a cut above the rest. Consumers digest information differently to the way they may have in the past. Everything is about instant gratification; information needs to be easily consumable & visually captivating to hold your target audiences’ attention. Hence the rise of video, for example. According to Hubspot, mobile video use has increased by 10-million daily viewing minutes in just two years.

Design and public relations. It’s a match made in heaven. It needs to be part of your content marketing approach. Here’s why:

Design provides further insight and understanding into potentially perplexing situations. Visuals are easily digestible with a story-telling ability that can help convey tricky concepts and key messages, simply. Buzzsumo analysed +1-million articles and found those with a picture every 75 to 100 words received double the social shares.

A well thought-out design will evoke curiosity or emotion within your target audience, creating memorable ‘aha’ moments. Visuals also tend to prompt engagement. A few more Hubspot findings to back up this point: Infographics increase web traffic by up to 12%. And when people follow directions with text and illustrations, they do 323% better than those who just follow text.

Visuals can have a more lasting impact. Hubspot reports that when people hear information, they recall about 10% of it three days later. When a visual is paired with a message, they recall 65% of it.

It’s clear that to compete within the industry, you need to create an interactive experience for your audience. You also need to stay abreast with – or, preferably, ahead of – top trends. Here are some of the key design trends we’re seeing this year…

7 Top Design Trends of 2019

“Now that you’re aware of the relationship between PR & Design, know that you’re doing yourself a great injustice if you’re not utilising the tools out there.”


Using design on various social media platforms boosts your brand visibility. In a setting where your brand is already a point of discussion socially, why not ensure participation in those conversations? This way you could guide them to your advantage. This connectivity will help with customer interaction and loyalty to your brand.

“My favourite thing about being a graphic designer is finding visual solutions that help brands live up to their full potential and cause engagement with their target audiences.”

– Dani

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