We Stand by the Helsinki Declaration for Ethical PR

ICCO Helsinki Declaration for ethical PR

Atmosphere Communications pledges support for the 2017 Helsinki PR Declaration: a set of principles outlined by the International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) with the intent of uniting the global PR industry under one banner of ethical behaviour.

We stand by the following ten principles and we urge other professional public relations organisations and communities to join us:

  1. To work ethically and in accordance with applicable laws;

2. To observe the highest professional standards in the practice of public relations and communications;

3. To respect the truth, dealing honestly and transparently with employees, colleagues, clients, the media, government and the public;

4. To protect the privacy rights of clients, organisations, and individuals by safeguarding confidential information;

5. To be mindful of our duty to uphold the reputation of the industry;

6. To be forthcoming about sponsors of causes and interests and never engage in misleading practices such as “astroturfing”;

7. To be aware of the power of social media, and use it responsibly;

8. To never engage in the creation of or knowingly circulate fake news;

9. To adhere to our Association’s Code of Conduct, be mindful of the Codes of Conduct of other countries, and show professional respect at all times;

10. To take care that our professional duties are conducted without causing offence on the grounds of gender, ethnicity, origin, religion, disability or any other form of discrimination.

For more information about Atmosphere and what we stand for, please phone +27 21 461 2117 or email nicola@atmosphere.co.za.