Waze sweetens the commute for Jo’burg drivers jammed up in traffic


As a part of the South African launch of Waze, the world’s first community-based traffic and navigation app for smartphones, Atmosphere dispatched a team of Waze-branded promoters to traffic-heavy intersections around Jo’burg to hand out free jam doughnuts to morning commuters who were stuck in traffic.

These traffic-jam doughnuts were handed out in Waze-branded sleeves that contained information about how to download this free traffic and navigation app, which has been customised to work on the Blackberry, iPhone, Symbian and Android operating systems.

Boxes of doughnuts were also distributed to key media houses in and around Jo’burg to start spreading awareness by getting key influencers to start using and talking about the ground-breaking app.

Brought to South Africa by MiX Telematics, Waze allows drivers to outsmart and beat the traffic together by sharing the information the app passively transmits about a user’s speed and location to identify where traffic is moving slowly.

Based on this information, the app (which is available for download from www.waze.com) then alerts and routes drivers around slow-moving traffic, road hazards or accidents, ultimately saving them time and resulting in less spend on fuel and less traffic-related stress.