Turning Insights into Impact

Measuring PR

Recently, Atmosphere held a company-wide, 30-day ‘self-learning’ challenge. As part of this, our Senior Account Manager, Leigh Newlands, listened to a Webinar by Agility PR on Turning Insights into Impact. Atmosphere is committed to using the latest in effective measurement methods to demonstrate exactly how we help our clients to achieve their bottom-line, business goals. This Webinar mentioned many of the ways we do so.

Here are a few of Leigh’s top learnings:

In a nutshell:

  • The data is already there, waiting to be analysed; you just need to be willing to look at it and learn
  • A more integrated strategy is going to become key to measuring success. P.O.E.M – paid, owned, earned media is critical
  • Benchmark what others are doing
  • The measurement game is getting more complex. The need to understand customer interactions is critical and will be pivotal to the success of marketing programmes
  • Earned media is a great tool for brand awareness and is the first touch point to the customer journey to conversion
  • We need to focus on strategy, for the coming years and beyond. We need to consider replacing AVEs with earned measurement tools, and demonstrate how all of our PR movements and tactics pushed the company forwards to achieve the stipulated goals. Ultimately, monthly insights should ideally be actionable against the overarching strategy
  • We live in a data-driven world.  With the advanced technology and comprehensive tools, our starting point has shifted. We are able to focus on relevant and accurate content and use our time to identify what messaging or activities are working for the brand’s audience. This allows us to craft a better story
  • There’s a lot of data out there, but there will always be the necessity of that human element in order to analyse and quantify the results against the brand’s business strategy
  • Lastly, it’s important to learn through failures. When it doesn’t turn out as expected, how do we put forward those harsh insights to our client? It’s essential we do so in order for all stakeholders to learn, teach and train together. If we have the right mind-set, we will have continuous improvement, with constant discussion and agility

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