Trust and the Rise of Digital PR

Atmosphere reputation management

Our MD Nicola Nel listened to a webcast titled ‘Rebuilding Your Consumers’ Trust and the Rise of Digital PR’ by Trendkite.  We specialise in crisis communications and reputation management, so this Webcast was completely aligned with our interests.

Here are some of Nicola’s main take-aways from the episode:

  1. Often in business, clients see earned media authority – this is what they called publicity in this instance – as a separate silo to social and paid-for online media;
  2. Earned media authority / credible publicity in top tier titles is growing in importance – consumers still regard articles in credible news sources  as more reliable than social chatter;
  3. People are influenced by others who they perceive as knowledgeable experts;
  4. Data analysis can now help us find true and credible ‘authorities’ – journalists, academics, celebrities, sports people, influencers – on your company and brand;
  5. So as the PR tribe, we need to focus on data and the analysis of these authorities. What do they believe?  This gives us insights to develop a far better, targeted PR programme;
  6. Data allows us to do precise targeted, tailored messaging to the right authority at the right time;
  7. Steps to digital PR are:

– data & analysis

– insights

– targeted messaging to ‘authorities’

– analysing how it landed

– refinement

– Then use this for credible articles and comments on social, and boost the content on your client’s own channels – blogs, social, website, etc.


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