Top 10 Tips to Making Content Work for Your Brand

At Atmosphere, we love storytelling and specialise in content marketing. From in-depth research reports and eye-catching infographics, to gorgeous newsletters, engaging videos, dynamic guides and smart social boosting strategies, we’re obsessed with kick-starting big conversations. We do this by telling sincere, strategic and creative stories, through mediums that push traditional boundaries.

questions to ask for good content marketing

In our 17 years as industry leaders, we continuously adapt our nimble offerings to take full advantage of all the tools and mediums on offer. To make sure our content marketing strategies support business-bottom-lines, we always start by asking these key questions…

  1. What’s your BUSINESS GOAL? Why is content marketing the best way to achieve it?
  2. What’s the STRATEGY? What’s the vision? The KPIs? The plan to get there?
  3. What are the LESSONS? What content has worked before? What are competitors doing?
  4. What’s the MESSAGE? Is it newsworthy, creative & conversation-starting? Does it align with the key messages?
  5. What’s the VALUE? This is the biggie. What value will the content add to the reader’s life? To answer that, you need to know WHO you’re talking to.
  6. What’s the WOW? Can you do it differently? What about an animated infographic? Or a deep research report? What’s the ‘hook’?
  7. What’s the MEDIUM? Can the same angle be adapted & disseminated across multiple channels? A brilliant, explosive idea should ideally translate into long format, evergreen content; short social snippets; a meaty media release & maybe even a video or three?
  8. What’s the BUDGET? Making it work on a shoe-string is when real creativity shines through.
  9. What about SEO & Analytics?
  10. What about SOCIAL? Have you got a boosting strategy in place? Do you know who you’re targeting & why? Amplification is everything.

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