The Wisdom Our Clients Would Share With Their Younger Selves

Atmosphere Women's Day

This Women’s Month, we asked some of our phenomenal clients to tell us the wisdom they wish they could have shared with their younger selves. Here’s what they had to say:

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“I would tell my younger self to stop playing it safe and go after what really sets my soul on fire. I would use my youth to make more mistakes and not have to worry about “what ifs” now that I am older.”

Tamryn Seopela, Senior Brand Manager – Countlines, Southern Africa, Mondelez South Africa (Pty) Ltd

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  • “Trust your instincts – they are often not wrong.
  • Be diligent enough to have a plan for the future, but flexible enough to have it change and be okay with it
  • Now is the time to establish good habits – they will take you further later – I promise! Eating right, exercising, time management, prioritisation
  • Have fun! Life is so incredible! People can be so wonderful and interesting and you will learn so much from them. Be ready and willing to explore! Not only will this grow your network, but it will broaden your worldview and teach you to be kind, patient, strong and open-minded.”

Cassie Jaganyi, Corporate Affairs & Citizenship Leader, P&G

“Lil Jo: you are going to adventure to the farthest parts of the planet, your heart and mind. Don’t spend another second worrying that you don’t have ‘it’ all figured out yet – no one does! Your internal compass is strong – trust it or rather, trust yourself. You’ll meet the most weird and wonderful people, it won’t always be easy, people may let you down and when they do, choose believe they did the best they could and walk away. When it all gets too much, pause for a moment take a deep breath, a sip of water and keep going.”

Joni Watson, VP of communications, BroadReach

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  • Be kind – to yourself and others, all day, every day.
  • Keep calm and just breathe. It will all work out as it should.
  • Stop procrastinating – it’s the small things you do in each moment that shape your future.
  • Read more, write that novel… and definitely TRAVEL more.
  • Invest, invest, invest – from your very first salary cheque!”

Marguerite Moody, Communications Manager, Sanlam Private Wealth

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“Don’t rush so much. The career ladder is a long road; enjoy the ride, stop and smell the roses, and try to concentrate more on the questions than the answers.”

Katherine Madley, Vice President Marketing, Game

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“Trust yourself a bit more. Life might not work out how you always expected it to, but you’re going to have great times along the way! Keep being enthusiastic about everything. Stay curious and keep daydreaming. Some of those dreams will come true.”

Michelle Kemp, Corporate Reputation Manager, Game

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“Don’t find your passion too late in life and don’t be scared of continuously learning to better yourself. Be hungry, driven and don’t let anything stand in your way.”

Kerry Ho, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Massmart Retail

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“Cherish every single day that you get to spend with the ones you love, or doing the things you love. Be present and live in the moment. The world changes constantly and the memories we build are ours forever. Value them and treasure them, because at the end of the day, they are the only thing that will stay with you forever.”

Margarita Karvouniaris, Head of Brand, Game

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“I would tell my younger self that with age and experience comes self-acceptance and resilience. As a young twenty-something, starting off my working career, I was very stressed about making the right decisions, creating the right impressions and climbing the career ladder right from the start. I was constantly worried about what the future holds in my personal and working life.

I should have been much kinder to myself and enjoyed the ‘journey’ more. If you work hard, respect others, and always have the end goal in sight – you will succeed. The trick is to find the right balance in everything you do. It’s important to have fun along the way.”

Sonia Jamoulle, Head Public Relations, Sanlam Group Brand

“Love yourself first. You are worthy of all the magic the universe has to offer. Work hard, be consistent and determined. The universe loves a stubborn heart.”

Nokuthula Khumalo, Category Brand Manager – Cadbury Impulse Chocolate portfolio, Southern Africa