The mastery of words brought to life at Sanlam Musiekfees

In 2014 Sanlam revealed their refreshed Wealthsmiths™ philosophy which showcases them as the masters of wealth creation. The year, in keeping with the theme, they chose to highlight the mastery of South Africa’s songwriters and the inspiration behind their lyrics at the Sanlam Musiekfees which forms part of the annual University of Stellenbosch Woordfees.

They created a series of short documentaries featuring four of the artists performing at Musiekfees 2016, which they sponsor. These “Every-word-is-a-masterpiece” short documentaries were screened every day during the festival and delivered on the promise to be one-of-a-kind experiences.

Each documentary unpacks the story behind the artist’s most iconic songs. Hunter Kennedy’s documentary revolves around Klein Tambotieboom, Valiant Swart’s features Die Mystic Boer, in Churchil Naudé’s documentary he talks about his rendition of Boy van die Suburbs and Al Bairre tells us more about We Move On. Each short documentary was screened at its own pop-up unique cinema which brought some of the artist’s key lyrics to life.

These unique documentaries and the distinctive cinemas demonstrated Sanlam’s support of creative spirits and its festival sponsorship in a tangible way. It enhanced the festival environment and the cinemas received over 200 visitors per day.