The Global Pandemic and the Impact on Brands

While the impact of the Covid-19 virus is unprecedented, it has entrenched some positive behaviours, particularly in the way brands have agilely adapted and made the shift to being purpose-led and client-focused. At Atmosphere Communications, we’ve seen many of our clients move rapidly in their response, with an astute change in focus and marketing tactics. Here are some take-aways from the examples they have set:


Help where you can:

We have tough times ahead. As a business, how can you help your customers and community? Can you offer free templates, share a skill, discount certain product lines because of your shorter supply chain, offer payment breaks like our client Santam or sponsor a free international concert to celebrate Coronavirus workers? 

Atmosphere client Cell C has partnered with micro-jobs platform M4Jam to give South Africans having difficulty earning an income a chance to make some extra money during lockdown. This represents conscious capitalism at its best. ‘Jobbers’ will complete incentivised training over three weeks, via a curriculum comprising 48 micro-lessons on relevant topics that’ll upskill them in their roles and help make them more marketable.

Another admirable example is our client Wesgro – the official tourism, trade, investment and film promotion agency for Cape Town and the Western Cape – which is working alongside the Western Cape Government and City of Cape Town to assist businesses through the COVID-19 Content Centre (CCC). This initiative launched earlier this month to help businesses navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It provides a database of the various forms of financial support that have been made available. 

Perfect is boring:

Build brand love by showing understanding and empathy for your audience. Focus on home-shot content and swap perfection for realness. Content from your home affirms that ‘we are all in this together’.

Our client, G-Star RAW did exactly this by launching a fashion catwalk in the homes of influencers. The global brand hosted a Stay-at-Home Runway via Instagram Live. The catwalk included 25 influencers and models from 10 countries, showing off their favourite G-Star RAW looks in their corridors, kitchens and living rooms. The show included South African creative collective Dear Ribane, music producer and DJ Gina Jeanz and fashion and lifestyle influencer Ranaa Patel.  

Events turn virtual:

Live-stream an event to help people feel like they’re there. Given our new reality, this provides endless creative opportunities and brand engagements. Can you teach new skills in a fun and engaging way? Think Youtube, TikTok, Instagram Live and Facebook Live.

Our client, Boschendal Wines recently partnered with designer David Tlale and Avon to showcase a virtual fashion show during lockdown, revealing Tlale’s Autumn/Winter Collection.

Even after lockdown lifts completely and we start to come out the other side of this pandemic, it’s probable that many behaviours will be cemented in the long term. E-commerce will grow at a rapid rate, many may continue to work remotely and businesses will increase tech adoption and move online. Clever brands will look for ongoing solutions and tools to connect, support and uplift one another. We are proud of our astute clients for giving audiences an opportunity to enjoy engaging content that takes them cognitively and emotionally beyond the confines of their four walls. 

If your business is not online yet, move fast and make your website your shopfront.  Cut your out-of-home budget and shift it towards a social commerce budget. And then re-imagine your channel and marketing strategies – focus on social media, content strategy, e-commerce, digital ad spend and technology! 

Atmosphere is your partner for every step of this journey. As communication specialists, we can help you agilely adapt with meaningful conversations that connect with the right audiences. 

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