The Cell C Way

Having recently launched a new vision and company values Cell C wanted to showcase and unpack each value and celebrate staff members who were truly embodying the new way of showing up in the workplace, through a content marketing approach.

We tapped into relatable and interesting stories and scenarios to develop a series of animated videos, listicles, infographics, poster style images, motivational quotes and real life staff stories to share via email to reach both head office and store-level staff.

A fun, fresh look and feel was conceptualised to tie the campaign together over the two month execution period.  Each week one of the values was hero-ed and three pieces of relevant content shared.

The content was designed to have longevity and be easily repurposed for the induction programme or other internal communications initiatives. In addition, it was created to be measurable for evaluation and future refinement.

The content was well received and continues to be used in multiple ways internally.