Thank You Moms!

It’s no easy task juggling a career and parenting. During lockdown, those worlds have become a little more complicated with colour-coded schedules, virtual meetings, and kitchen projects (and that’s just for the kids!)

We asked a few of our stellar clients to share some of their joys and clever tips on making the most of this hands-on time together. Amazing moms featured here are: Sonia and Esann (Sanlam), Shirley (Boschendal), Sade (Luxottica), Katherine (Game), and Lethiwe (Cell C)

Today, and every day, we salute all the incredible mamas who work hard and play hard too!

  1. Meet my kid(s):

Sonia: My kid is Tristan (9 years)

Shirley: My kids are Alexa (6) and Jaime (2 months)

Esann: My kids are Ilan (14) and Steffan (11).

Sade: My child is Sophia Grace Anter (3)

Katherine: My kids are Raquel (13) and Joshua ( 11) – the best kids on earth

Lethiwe: My kids are two boys, Tshepo (16, turning 17 on 9 May), Tumelo ( 10, turning 11 on 1 June)

2. As a mom, I teach my kid(s) that the following are important characteristics:

Sonia: Honesty, respect and never judge.

Shirley: Kindness – everything starts there, and determination (this sometimes backfires!)

Esann: A sense of humour, perseverance, kindness and honesty.

Sade: Always be kind and SHARE 😊

Katherine: God first, then others and then self are great characteristics. Also I only have two rules – don’t lie and don’t sulk. Has worked brilliantly so far.

Lethiwe: Compassion, work ethic, dependability and trustworthiness, respect for everyone, humility; it’s not always about you.

3. I’m really good at:

Sonia: Getting my son up for school in the cold winter mornings. Food bribery; telling him there’s biltong in the car on the way to school always does the trick!

Shirley: Let’s say I try to be really good at keeping magic alive for my kids – the tooth fairy got 5 Star treatment recently.

Esann: Copying accents and coming up with quirky nicknames.

Sade: Is this a trick question?  Haha! I guess playing along to her wild imagination and being silly with her when she needs me to be.

Katherine: Hugs, kisses and playing all sorts of games with my kids. We love games in our family.

Lethiwe: Making a mean lamb stew and buying shoes.

4. What being a mom means to me:

Sonia: I get to see life again through the eyes of my son, appreciating the many firsts of one’s life, and running on the beach, truly laughing from the belly, painting silly pictures, chasing the dog and building Lego.

Shirley: I have a few years to guide a little human to being their best self and a positive force in the world – and to love me enough not to be horrible teenagers!

Esann: I reserve the right to remain silent, but may over-communicate if I want to.

Sade: I am a slave to my gorgeous poppet and I’m actually not the boss – she is!

Katherine: I am the most fortunate lady on earth. My children are my world. I have so much fun with them.

Lethiwe: I know what unconditional, immeasurable love is that literally hurts your heart.

5. My juggling tip is:

Sonia: Trying to make the bed, while karate play-kicking with my son, and keeping our basset hound from pulling off the bedding!

Shirley: Knowing which balls take priority – sometimes you have to give yourself permission to step away from things so you can do the important ones better. And having an excellent glass of wine waiting to celebrate the end of a crazy day!

Esann: Keep the ball in the air, but don’t stress if it sometimes drops to the floor. You’ve earned the right to be imperfect.

Sade: Trying to prep dinner whilst dancing to “baby shark” and doing all the moves like someone is paying me to. 😉

Katherine: Don’t juggle. Give your all to one thing at a time.

Lethiwe: Right now, definitely having to set up my 11 year on his teacher zoom catch-up first on my account three times a week, then running back to my own zoom meeting (they seem to always nearly clash!)