• Peanut butter and jelly

    Why PR and Design Go Together Like PB and J

    By Daniele Peplouw, Graphic Designer In an ever-changing digital age, you’ve got to be a cut above the rest. Consumers digest information differently to the way they may have in the past. Everything is about instant gratification; information needs to…

  • Sanlam Savings Month Frugal Calendar Challenge

    This calendar was designed for our client Sanlam to help consumers practice frugal living during the month of July.

  • Transformer BotBots collectibles by Hasbro

    Hasbro’s newest offering within the Transformers range are the fun and mischievous BotBots. Aimed at introducing the Transformers franchise to a younger audience and tapping into the Collectable market, BotBots are everyday objects which transform into little robots after the…

  • Superbalist Beauty Media Drop

    With Superbalist having recently introduced beauty products to their website, the brand wanted to send out a media drop to advertise the new category to top beauty editors and influencers. The end result was a custom branded cylinder that inside…

  • Cotton On Style Sheets

    Designed to showcase Cotton On's latest Winter trends for men and women based on specific themes for each category.  The purpose for these style sheets were to create hype around the new garments and to encourage shoppers who saw them…

  • PropertyFox “The hidden costs of buying and selling” Infographic

  • 2016 Glacier Future Forwards Campaign Media Drop

    A campaign encouraging consumers to save for the retirement they want one day. With this in mind, a media drop was conceptualised and sent to influencers to showcase to them how they could retain their lavish lifestyles with Glacier and…

  • 2016 Sanlam Benchmark Symposium Research Books

    A set of 4 data and research books designed and packaged for the annual Sanlam Benchmark Symposium event.  Go have a look at these books on https://www.sanlambenchmark.co.za/executiveSummary.php            

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