• Bukelwa

    Why Culture Matters During COVID-19

    During COVID-19, a company’s internal culture is more important than ever to entrench resilience in a team. In times of uncertainty, a strong sense of togetherness, inclusivity and open communication channels are critical. People need to feel prioritised, valued and…

  • Atmosphere intern

    A Word From Our A Team Intern

    By Inganathi Mnyasane, Atmosphere intern When I arrived for my job interview at Atmosphere, I was presented with the spirit and culture of the company as I walked through the front door. There was a celebration; the veranda was laden…

  • A Team Book Club

    These books are marketing the change in our world

    The A-team’s reading list: what we're reading right now and what these books have taught us, from a PR perspective: Everything is changing! Eckhart Tolle’s new title, A New Earth, is maybe the literary hallmark of our changing world. Though…

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