Shallots Media Drop

Dutoit Agri, a leader in South African agriculture wanted to create more awareness and recognition for their latest fresh produce offering, shallots – which is a premium product that looks similar to an onion but has a sweeter, more delicate flavor.

In order to achieve this, we conceptualized and created a premium-looking media drop that was sent to various influencer cooks, chefs and media personnel. The media drop consisted of the premium product, shallots as well as a personalized card and various herbs which were set in a beautiful handmade wooden crate. The message on the card along with the products and people the drop went to would result in creating that much needed awareness Dutoit Agri was after.




Below are some reviews of the drop:

I love, love love shallots! Thank you for sharing” – Karen Heart from Kuier

 “Thank you so much for sharing this lovely info” – Bridget Day from Food & Beverage

 “Lovely information thank you so much”- Suzy Brokensha from Lose it!