Brand Influencer Marketing

Our influencer campaign services, in a nutshell:

  • Influencer strategy development
  • Influencer relations & stand-out campaigns
  • Blogger relations & campaigns
  • Product seeding
  • Content development
  • Ongoing influencer collaborations
  • Co-created campaigns
  • Analysis of influencer outreach

From Miss Universe and Thuso Mbedu to ‘Coconut Kelz’ – we love working with passionate, driven people who influence by inspiring. The ‘influencer’ phenomenon has been well documented. In a nutshell, an influencer campaign, involves people with sway in their field endorsing your product or brand across their channels. The key to this is authenticity. Right now, there’s a trend of ‘bad influence’ on the rise, with influencer culture being perceived as less genuine and more opportunistic. For brands, the challenge is to partner with the right people as part of a longstanding, reciprocal relationship. That’s where we come in. As a brand influencer agency, we specialise in influencer strategy and campaigns that are as genuine as they are successful.

What is an influencer?

A person with influence in their field – and usually, strong social currency – who promotes your product or services. For brands, this can start as a transactional relationship – you provide product or payment in exchange for endorsement. But the relationship should go beyond this.

How do you choose influencers for your campaign?

You want to work with an influencer who genuinely believes in and loves what you do. The pinnacle is to work with people who extol the merits of your brand without being paid to do so. If you have people of influence behind you who already do this, identify them and take the relationship further! If you’re building a relationship with an influencer from scratch – i.e. they have no prior history with your brand – then your influencer strategy will involve selecting someone who shares your interests and values. Make sure you thoroughly immerse them in your business. They need to truly get behind what you do. Vet the individual thoroughly – check their channels to see which brands they’ve had prior relationships with to make sure there’s no conflict of interest. And ask to see their results for previous clients; they should have a professional portfolio proving their ROI. 

How does an influencer campaign work?

Each campaign is different! For content influencer marketing, the influencer should provide initial ideas for the campaign upfront. Once the big idea is signed off and the scope is agreed on, he or she should provide a comprehensive content calendar and timings, with your key messaging consistently – and organically – woven in. Again, it’s about finding ‘the PB to your J’. You need to work with someone who complements your brand! That way, them promoting you on their channels will come across as natural, not forced. 

What are the risks of influencer marketing? 

We Are Social’s Think Forward 2020 report highlighted influencer marketing as an area of concern. The issue? People are increasingly socially savvy and have come to resent inauthentic content on their feeds. Plus, We Are Social is seeing consistent backlash against conventional influencer hierarchies, where ‘success correlates with beauty, cash and popularity’. Consider the @world_record_egg phenomenon – a direct response to ‘the vacuity of influencer marketing’. With ‘fake’ content also a problem, suffice to say the industry is in desperate need of more depth and something fresh!  And luckily, lots of influencers are bringing just that… And as an esteemed brand influencer agency can help you find the best people to partner with.

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Trends in the influencer space: 

  • Sh*tposting: We Are Social found that as a reaction to digital hierarchies, people are posting increasingly ridiculous and mundane content in order to disrupt the new norms. Like that infamous egg or the same picture of a pair of Crocs, every day. The take-out? People are desperate for relatable, original content-creators to follow. They also want content that goes against the grain… like Kahlúa’s #BottomNine.
  • Community Marketing: Another We Are Social trend. It’s important for brands to thoroughly vet how an influencer relates to his or her audience when devising an influencer strategy. Look at the level of engagement and consider how an influencer can tap into his/her followership to glean key insights for your business.
  • Micro/ nano influencers: Sometimes, it is wise to forego the macro influencer with the big followership as his/her level of community engagement may be lower than a micro influencer with a smaller followership but far higher levels of audience interaction.
  • Avatar influencers: This was a big trend last year in and 2018, with Lil Miquela the famed example of a CGI avatar influencer with 1.8 million followers on Instagram. It’s likely to continue as virtual reality and augmented reality become increasingly interwoven into everyday life. 
  • Specialists: Increasingly, industry specialists will be looked to in order to provide third party proficiency and expertise. These knowledge sharers will become a new segment of influencers, operating in the offline and online spaces. Think psychologists, educational specialists, law professionals and more. 
  • Long-term relationships: Brands and influencer partnerships won’t just be once off. For the sake of authenticity, they’re likely to evolve into longstanding influencer campaigns. 
  • Brand ambassadors: By no means a new trend! But brands should remember that some of their most loyal advocates could well be their employees and customers. It’s a good idea to find ways to build hype and loyalty in these existing communities. Imagine if your whole team consistently posted unprompted content about your company, just for the love of what they do!  There’s generally lots of untapped potential in these opportunities, and they’re a great way to contribute to the PR management of your brand
  • Get deep: Increasingly, influencers are sharing longer, more in-depth posts about very relatable and real things they’re going through, including their mental health. This is the kind of authentic content that stops the scroll. It’s impactful, deeper and more meaningful. 

How we make your influencer marketing dreams come true:

We have a close, long-standing relationships with many top international and local influencers. We are very careful about who we work with and are privileged to partner with some of the best, brightest and most professional individuals in the country. We’re a brand influencer agency that takes great pride in collaborating with clients to pair them with the right influencer partners and to conceptualise and execute creative, intelligent, authentic influencer campaigns together. 

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