Our influencer campaign services, in a nutshell:

  • Influencer strategy development
  • Influencer relations & stand-out campaigns
  • Blogger relations & campaigns
  • Product seeding
  • Content development
  • Ongoing influencer collaborations
  • Co-created campaigns
  • Analysis of influencer outreach

From Miss Universe and Thuso Mbedu to ‘Coconut Kelz’ – we love working with passionate, driven people who influence by inspiring. The ‘influencer’ phenomenon has been well documented. In a nutshell, an influencer campaign, involves people with sway in their field endorsing your product or brand across their channels. The key to this is authenticity. Right now, there’s a trend of ‘bad influence’ on the rise, with influencer culture being perceived as less genuine and more opportunistic. For brands, the challenge is to partner with the right people as part of a longstanding, reciprocal relationship. That’s where we come in. As a brand influencer agency, we specialise in influencer strategy and campaigns that are as genuine as they are successful.

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