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Crisis management: our approach

  • Issue tracking & counsel
  • Crisis management & counsel
  • Spokespeople & inhouse team training
  • Crisis team structuring

Our crisis communications team has partnered with some of South Africa’s leading organisations to navigate a crisis and emerge with the least possible damage done to their reputation. Our approach with our long-term clients is to start long before a crisis happens. We work alongside them to manage issues before they become crises, and we build up a robust reputation through reputation management, which gives corporate a positive springboard from which to talk. However, we can also be called upon to assist new clients who are in the midst of a crisis. Atmosphere’s crisis communications team comprises ex-business journalists, specialist writers and corporate communications experts. We are able to tap into our network of PROI partners who are based in more than 100 cities on five continents. Our team is available 24/7 to provide support during the height of an unfolding crisis.

How likely are you to experience a crisis with reputational risk?

Before the era of social media, containing a crisis was a lot easier. Traditional media was the main channel to communicate the story and it generally gave the corporate time to respond before publishing. We had the luxury of managing the crisis by calling meetings with all relevant parties and taking our time over a considered response. Now, we’ve entered the era of digital crises. And, while the response is no less considered, the pace has to be a lot faster. Social media not only fuels the spread of negative news; very often it is the start of it. A perceived misstep by a retailer can be photographed, captioned and uploaded in seconds. If the message resonates with others, they’ll share it and that retailer can find itself in a full blown crisis within minutes. The same is true for a disgruntled employee or perceived mistreatment of a customer. A prevalent threat, experienced by businesses large, medium and small, is data breaches or cyber-attacks. Outsmarting the world’s smartest cyber criminals is proving a challenge for even the wiliest of IT geniuses. So unfortunately, the possibility of you experiencing a crisis that impacts your reputation and needing an expert crisis communications company on hand is high.

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Is there a difference between crisis management and issues management?

Yes, there is a big difference. Crisis management is all about managing something that is public and causing reputational damage. Issues management is about averting a crisis. It’s about identifying and tracking issues which could potentially cause crises and managing them as effectively as possible in advance. Atmosphere runs both crisis management and issues management workshops, which ensure our clients are ready to handle a crisis if it does happen, but also helps with risk mitigation through proactive planning.

How do we approach crisis management?

Our crisis communications strategies are grounded by some golden rules that we apply whenever a company is facing a possible crisis. Be quick, be concise, be clear, be consistent, be caring. Apologise where necessary, be human and outline corrective action.

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