Crisis management: our approach

  • Issue tracking & counsel
  • Crisis management & counsel
  • Spokespeople & inhouse team training
  • Crisis team structuring

Our crisis communications team has partnered with some of South Africa’s leading organisations to navigate a crisis and emerge with the least possible damage done to their reputation. Our approach with our long-term clients is to start long before a crisis happens. We work alongside them to manage issues before they become crises, and we build up a robust reputation through reputation management, which gives corporate a positive springboard from which to talk. However, we can also be called upon to assist new clients who are in the midst of a crisis. Atmosphere’s crisis communications team comprises ex-business journalists, specialist writers and corporate communications experts. We are able to tap into our network of PROI partners who are based in more than 100 cities on five continents. Our team is available 24/7 to provide support during the height of an unfolding crisis.

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