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Atmosphere specialises in content marketing via our content hub. A team of nimble creatives tap into tactical topics and know how to start big conversations, our creators are always nose to the news, sniffing out boundary-breaking stories that get our clients’ expertise across. As a content marketing agency, storytelling is our business and we’re consistently finding new ways to produce content that captivates. 

Our campaigns are always born from a strong collaboration with our clients. We work with you to deeply understand your business so we can tell stories that stick to your brand message and promise, delivering on your goals.

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Our best content marketing campaigns:

From illustrating personalised Hasbro comic books and creating a cohesive look and feel for a preeminent wine brand to taking South Africa’s temperature on the world of work and robo-colleagues, saying no to #pinktax, and mapping school feeder zones for property-investing parents, we’re definitely a content marketing agency that prides itself on diversity!

See more of our content case studies.

Our top content marketing trends for 2020:

  • We’ll see more UGC: This is by no means new but user-generated content will have a major moment in 2020. Ideally you want your fans to generate hype around your brand. That could take the form of anything – from a blog to a social post or testimonial.
  • The people vote video: The stats all point to what we already knew – video done correctly continues to be more engaging than most other kinds of content. Social Media Today cited sources that said Tweets with video get 10x more engagement and videos on Instagram get more engagement than any other kind of content. breadnbeyond put together a comprehensive infographic on video trends for 2020. It said that 78% of people watch videos online each week, with 55% of these individuals watching every day. Plus, 72% of customers prefer to learn about a product or service through video. The stats are staggering and all point to one thing: video will continue to dominate content marketing campaigns… but it needs to be very professional to cut through the clutter.
  • If you’ve got strong design, you’ll do fine: Strong visuals remain a must! Design is becoming increasingly engaging and immersive. Think of interactive, dynamic imagery; animation; fun filters (the Instagram ‘which Disney character are you’ filter, for example) and more. Good design gets a message across quickly and memorably. Critical to 2020 is finding out your audience’s preferred platforms so you can target your content marketing campaign specifically to these. If you have a great idea, you should be able to tailor it to myriad platforms.
  • Explore new mediums: Same, same just doesn’t cut it. It’s important to consistently look for new ways to tell stories – mediums like podcasts hold lots of potential. Also, TikTok is gaining serious traction as a way to resonate with Gen Z. It’s a very specific platform that requires quirky content.
  • Design dynamic, hyper-personalised content: If it’s winter where I live, then summer-themed content just won’t cut it. Increasingly, users are expecting to be served hyper-personalised, dynamic, data-informed content that’s tailored specifically to their specs (demographics, interests, etc.). Data-led storytelling is now common practice, with big ideas frequently born from a combination of information and creativity.
  • The voice search is on: We haven’t seen much evidence of this in SA yet… but it’s becoming a huge trend in the States so it’s only a matter of time till it hits our shores. Smart speakers are starting to be a fixture in US homes, so it makes sense brands are seeking ways to enable content to be found via voice search. There’s a big difference between typing in a search bar and asking a question out loud. Think about what people will say and tailor keywords and headlines accordingly as part of your content marketing campaign.
  • Let’s get phygital, phygital: From ‘virtually trying on’ clothes and makeup to flipping through all the filters on SnapChat and Instagram, augmented reality (AR) is becoming standard in our day-to-day. Overlaying virtual information onto the real world, it’s a way to blur barriers and give information in real-time. It creates a truly immersive experience (Pokémon Go!) and it poses lots of potential for brands – but, it must be done intelligently to add real value.

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