Brand PR & Consulting

What our PR management services include:

  • Campaign strategy and planning
  • Consumer insights
  • High impact media relations
  • Brand positioning and message development
  • Events and activations
  • Idea generation
  • Digital and social strategy and implementation
  • Native partnership negotiation and management
  • Identification and management of credible third party experts

We build brands by starting credible conversations that resonate with your audiences.

Effective use of public relations will help build your brand’s value, story and identity and it will ensure your consumers are engaged with your brand. This can ultimately lead to increased investor interest or sales.

We approach brand PR and management the same way we approach all our work. We start with your business objectives: do you want to grow sales, broaden your market, attract investments, build your reputation or take the lead in your category? Once we know your end game, we’ll craft a strategy to get you there.

Here are some of our brand public relations case studies:

How can public relations grow your brand presence?

The role of brand PR has expanded rapidly in line with the digitisation of our world. One-way marketing messages are no longer enough to build brands, so PR management is at the forefront of managing a brand’s reputation and starting and managing conversations that grow loyalty and engagement.

Open, honest and authentic two-way conversations are one of the most effective ways of having your audience fall in love with your brand.

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How we approach PR management of your brand.

We start with the message for your audience; we then craft content or outreach programmes that find your audience where they are. This could be through the media, social media, via influencers or in a townhall meeting. We develop strategies and plans to get your there. We also add creativity and something unexpected to cut through the clutter. We build measurability into every aspect of our brand management campaigns.

We place your audience at the heart of our campaigns

When does brand management and public relations not work? When the strategy is designed with an ‘in out’ approach. It focuses too much on what the company wants the public to know about its products or services. This is rarely effective as it doesn’t resonate with customers. The ‘out in’ approach which we employ is highly effective. This means that our brand management starts with understanding the customers’ world and their needs and making sure our messages add value to their lives, creating fertile ground for further conversation and engagement.

The brand PR toolkit

We are lucky to enough to have a vast – and rapidly expanding – toolkit which we use as part of our PR management strategy to effectively target your audiences. TV, radio, print and online media allow us to tell stories through credible third parties, aka the journalist. Social media allows us to create rich, engaging content that sparks conversation and interest. Content marketing allows us to target customers where they are and to draw them to your website or to pick up the phone to your company. Influencer campaigns endorsing your brand are a high effective way to galvanise invested audiences in your business. The list goes on.

If you’d like to find out how we’d approach building your brand through public relations, please call us now!

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