Bostik has been South Africa’s favourite stationery brand for decades and the go-to choice for back-to-school supplies.  Following a rebrand in January 2016 which saw the brand sporting new packaging and logo design, the brand tasked Atmosphere with conceptualising a campaign that would generate awareness and build brand affinity and awareness amongst school learners and their parents.

The Challenge

Kids are growing up in a digital age, spending an increasing amount of time in front of screens and on mobile devices. Cutting, sticking and drawing are important developmental activities that kids these days are no longer practising. Much loved stationery brand, Bostik, gave us a challenge: spark the imagination of children and get them to start creating again using Bostik crayons, glue and scissors.

The Idea

How do you unleash children’s creativity? You launch a self-published, limited-edition book filled with rhymes about wild and wonderful Beasties to inspire little ones. And so The Bostik Book of Unbelievable Beasties was born, featuring twenty ridiculous rhymes by award-winning science fiction writer, Lauren Beukes. But this kids’ book was different. It had no illustrations; instead, it only had blank pages – the perfect canvas for kids to create their own Beasties using Bostik products. We ran a national competition calling on kids to create their own creatures to be featured in The Bostik Book of Unbelievable Beasties. We supplied Bostik stationery packs and entry forms with the quirky rhymes and cutouts of monster body parts.

The Solution

Little artists all over the country started cutting, sticking and drawing the most incredible Beasties they could imagine. We partnered with selected shopping malls and a national family pizzeria chain, where kids were kept busy creating Beasties during the school holidays. We put the word out on social media and in no time at all our mail box was filled with thousands of Beasties from across the country. No mean feat in an age where kids are usually glued to their tablets and cellphones. This novel approach piqued the interest of the media and interview requests with our award-winning writer streamed in. To keep the momentum going, we brought the best Beasties to life through animated GIFS which were shared far and wide on social media. Mommy bloggers also loved the idea and supported The Bostik Book of Unbelievable Beasties with competitions and blog post takeovers. The final book married the ridiculous rhymes with the newly created Beasties and was launched at a reading with media and an audience full of not-so-scary little faces, as they saw their own creations come to life! But our campaign had a heart too – all proceeds of the sale of the book were donated to a children’s literacy organisation focused on vulnerable children.

The Results

The results far exceeded our expectations. Our campaigned reached 14,6 million people and resulted in a total of 1459 competition entries . The campaign received a total of 55 media mentions across traditional media with a total AVE of R1.3 million and an ROI of over five times the investment. From a social media perspective, 18 posts went live on the Bostik Facebook page which resulted in over 300K impressions, a total reach of 183K and over 49K page engagements.

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