In a world of parity technology is becoming a “commodity” business.


The Challenge

How do you demonstrate how innovative, ground-breaking technology in engineering products and solutions makes a tangible and sustainable difference to an economy and society?  How do you create interest in a Business to Society report that documents a company’s contribution to the country in line with the government’s National Development Programme (NDP) goals. Despite, Siemens presence in South Africa since 1860, its contribution to the country’s growth, development and infrastructure is not well-known beyond the engineering sector.

The Idea

We decided to activate the content in Siemens’ Business to Society report through a virtual reality experience and use this immersive format of story-telling to show how Siemens has had a positive impact on South Africa and its people, in our everyday lives and in line with the NDP goals.

The Solution

The virtual reality experience featured an animated skyline of South Africa – from city to township, from train station to mine, from power station to school. It showed the diversity of South Africa’s economy and the sectors where Siemens has played a role. Viewers scanned the landscape and by pausing on a trigger visual were ‘virtually transported’ into a sector, and through video were told the story of Siemens’ impact. The installation of the virtual reality experience was first shared at the Vision 2030 Summit, a government initiated conference about National Development Programme (NDP) goals. Siemens was a lead sponsor of the event and CEO Sabine Dall’Omo gave a keynote address. We amplified the installation of the virtual reality and created a conversation about Siemens’ impact on society through integrated communications and linked the conversation to South Africa’s latest GDP figures which were released the day prior to the Vision 2030 Summit.

The Results

This creative story-telling approach received a positive response and reaction from audiences including government stakeholders, customers and Siemens’ employees. The installation has been road-showed and showcased at other events. More than 3000 people have been exposed to the VR experience including the Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe. Vox pops videos taken at the stand confirmed people’s perception about Siemens’ impact on South African society has shifted or improved. A thought leadership in a mainstream business publication from Siemens’ CEO coincided with the activity. More than 2.5 million impressions in traditional media.

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