Siemens is positioned to use its expertise in automation, electrification and digitalisation to find solutions to African challenges. The organisation wants to unlock the potential of digitalisation to leverage digital technologies and optimise operations for its clients. While there is adoption of intelligent machines within sectors like the automotive industry, the opportunity lies in unexplored sectors like manufacturing, energy and transportation resulting in the establishment of new industries and jobs while also contributing to GDP.

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The Challenge

Siemens asked Atmosphere to conceptualise a campaign that could showcase how Siemens could potentially use data from three African cities to address these African challenges.

The Idea

Showcase the power of technology through the universal language of fashion and design to demonstrates how data can transform African cities = FABRIC.

The Solution

We used data from Lagos, Nairobi and Johannesburg to design distinctly African patterns and wove these into fabrics. Three iconic African fashion designers used these fabrics to create stylish and smart outfits. The intricate garments outline a variety of patterns from power grids, shipping and tonnage to population densities, transport and areas of connectivity. Data from each sector tells a story about each city and how digitalisation transforms them. Through this campaign, Siemens unpacked the complex subject of industrialisation in the fourth industrial revolution through an integrated communications campaign that highlights the importance of technology in Africa’s future. The FABRIC campaign showcases how data and the digitalisation of energy, manufacturing and transportation sectors can unlock the possibility of a new African city. The campaign was hyper-targeted to Siemens clients, media and industry influencers at a vibrant fashion extravaganza. The content was then packaged into byte size stories, shared on social media and presented on a campaign page unpacking Siemens capabilities. The culmination of FABRIC is a four minute video that tells the story of how urbanisation will impact the African continent and its people in the next 20 to 30 years and reveals how Siemens went about creating the fabrics brought to life through visual story-telling. Watch this video here:

The Results

Extensive media and influencer outreach helped spread the message further than the exclusive event including influencer partnerships, as well as thought leadership pieces. To date, we have received over 57 clippings with just over 70% of these appearing in top tier business and mainstream titles. Feedback from customers who attended the event was exceptional, giving Siemens the opportunity to have deeper and more meaningful discussions with them on the opportunities for further developing smart cities in Africa.

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