Our client Sanlam was launching Sanlam Goal Manager for intermediaries and their clients and they wanted to kick off with a focus on saving for education. Education funding is a controversial topic in South Africa and while there is state-funded provision is available to qualifying South Africans, there exists a ‘missing middle’ who fall just outside of this bracket. Education inflation also means that for many, the costs associated with educating their kids are overwhelming. Add this to a changing world of work that is for the most part still unknown, and one can begin to understand the concerns for parents who want to ensure their children are future-fit.   

We decided to survey South Africans to understand more about how the market views the value of education and the associated costs of this. We also decided to partner with parent influencers to create talkability and rich content around education and the future parents envisage for their kids. 

The Challenge

Generating conversation around an online platform only accessible via a financial planner wasn't going to be easy. We knew we needed to tap into stats around education. Stats SA publishes data on education inflation each year but we needed to get closer to how South African family members contributing towards education costs actually feel about the role a good education plays towards future success - be they parents, grandparents or siblings. We also needed to create authentic, compelling content that would appeal to parents.

The Idea

To create informative and insightful content that would appeal to parents to think about starting to save early for their children's education.

The Solution

We worked with a research company to survey a broad spectrum of South African adults for a deeper understanding on how they view education, who pays for it, how it can influence the future and what this future might look like. We then leveraged these insights together with respected third-party opinion formers on education/future studies to create compelling content that was shared with media (consumer and intermediary) and social media. We also partnered with parent influencers to create authentic, rich video and imagery of their own kids, their aspirations for their futures and the importance of partnering with a financial planner to help navigate the process via Sanlam Goal Manager. Finally, we designed marketing and social media collateral using the above-mentioned stats and insights for intermediaries to assist in their conversations with clients regarding saving for education.

The Results

The content was picked up by tier-one newspaper titles including Pretoria News Weekend, Independent on Saturday, Weekend Argus, Daily News and Cape Argus. Interviews were secured on SAfm and Smile FM and all key broker publications covered the story. R1 million AVE was secured over the 4-week campaign. The influencer content featuring their own young children was so well received and on-message that our client used it across other marketing channels too.

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