Nampak is Africa’s largest diversified packaging manufacturer by volume and revenue and produces world-class metal, glass and rigid plastics packaging from facilities in 12 countries across Africa, and in the United Kingdom. The company is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and in the last few years has undergone a process of divestitures and streamlining its business. The company’s strategy has been to unlock further value from its base business and meet growing demands in the Rest of Africa.

The Challenge

Atmosphere began working on the business in 2015 and discovered there were no strong relationships with key South African business media. There also appeared to be a lack of understanding among journalists as to what packaging Nampak makes as well as its recent divestitures. Media were reporting on only the negative aspects of the company’s financial results and only at this time as opposed to throughout the year when there was other news. Atmosphere Communications was tasked with ensuring the media had a better understanding of the business.

The Idea

The agency developed a communications strategy which would serve as a pro-active, modern and visual ‘story-telling’ communications programme. It would reframe, tell and re-tell a credible story about Nampak in order to effectively manage market expectations and position the business with identified audiences, funds or sectors and improve investment following.

The Solution

A number of tactics were deployed in order to achieve various outcomes for Nampak. This included: • Developing a key message framework; • Developing a proactive media engagement plan to build relationships with tier one media (including media site visits, a media engagement plan, developing tailored content for specific media and setting up media engagements not linked to the financial results); • Reshaping the interim and final year end results to make them more media friendly; and • Identifying content opportunities to tell the Nampak story.

The Results

During the 24 month period, the targeted media were reporting on Nampak in a much more holistic way and acknowledging other aspects of the business not solely related to the negative performances in the financial results. The journalists began to develop stronger relationships with the Nampak Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Communications as well as the CEO and CFO. Through the use of infographics, media had a much better understanding of the business’ current operations. Overall, three outcomes were achieved: Better knowledge of the Nampak story: We developed factsheets, infographics and a CEO newsletter to assist with the visual story telling. A variety of messages being reported: There was an increase in the Atmosphere Media Index (AMI) scoring of 13% from the period April 2015 – February 2016 to March 2016 – February 2017. Remembering the full Nampak story even when there is change: Press cuttings from Business Day indicated a more positive line of reporting.

  • Milestone Infographic
  • 2015 May (Interim)
  • 2016 Nov (Year End)
  • 2015 Nov (Year End)
  • 2016 June (Interim)

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