The Challenge

Launch an unknown Australian gym chain, F45 to the SA market. The challenge was that the first chain was in Cape Town, so no national footprint, reducing the relevance and number of possible media and influencers to engage with.

The Idea

Host an exclusive trial session for media and influencers and offer a month’s free trial in exchange for content creation on their platforms.

The Solution

One-on-ones with both lifestyle, sports media and carefully selected influencers with reach in the area so as to create maximum hype around the launch of the F45 Training Camps Bay studio.

The Results

Clippings: 22 articles in top tier media (+ 46% above target); AVE: R906k Social media reach: 5,9-million (491% above target) Overall campaign reach: 7,6-million ROI: x8 … (membership target was met in the first two weeks)

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