Innovation in the pharmaceutical sector can have a dramatic impact on the health and wellness of a society. Many diseases which were previously killers have been eradicated and new innovations can contain and potentially eradicate many life-threatening diseases in the future.

The Challenge

The local industry association – Innovative Pharmaceutical Association of South Africa (IPASA) – which represents many local and international pharmaceutical companies, wanted to broaden the understanding of the need for research and developments in medical innovations in the South African market. IPASA also wanted to be positioned as the authoritative source of information about the SA pharma industry.

The Idea

Linked to Innovation Month (September 2016), the inaugural IPASA Innovative Medicines Summit was established, aimed at creating a platform to position the role of innovation among medical professionals, funders and researchers as well as the broader community. Our approach was centred on creating credible conversations around innovation in the industry.

The Solution

Through a series of media partnerships with leading business and consumer newspapers prior to the event, Atmosphere unpacked some of the medical advances relevant to Southern Africa and shared human interest stories based on patient testimonials. High profile speakers were briefed upfront to talk to media on pre-agreed topics at the summit. During the summit we shared speaker content with the media and extended the conversation on social media channels. We also created a Linkedin profile for IPASA so as to create a repository of credible content to be shared on behalf of members and to a broader audience.

The Results

The media partnership resulted in more than 15 000 article page views while editorial and social media coverage reached more than 4-million people through radio interviews, credible thought leadership articles, Facebook & Twitter posts as as well LinkedIn where our content was re-purposed. We played a key role in changing the conversation on pharma innovation and positively positioned IPASA and its members. “A sincere thank you from IPASA. You understood our objectives and your professionalism was impeccable,” Xolile Bhengu, IPASA Communications and Public Affairs Manager

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