On Friday, 3rd April 2020,  our client G-Star RAW hosted a fashion show on the @gstarraw Instagram channel for people around the world, who experienced it from their own living rooms.

G-Star RAW

The aim of the show was to showcase product, engage, entertain, and inspire fans – even with all G-Star stores being temporarily closed – while sending the clear message to everyone: “stay at home!”.

25 influencers from 10 countries from all over the world were asked to record themselves showing their favourite G-Star RAW pieces and walking to the beat of the customised G-Star RAW soundtrack. These snippets were then compiled into an extended video, presented as one big global catwalk show.

G-Star RAW Stay At Home G-Star RAW Stay At Home G-Star RAW Stay At Home

South African influencers who took part In the show included creative collective Dear Ribane, music producer and DJ Gina Jeanz and fashion/lifestyle influencer Ranaa Patel.


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