New Sanlam campaign gets South Africans to think about their savings expectations

No-one likes getting less, so why do we accept it when it comes to our savings? In a bid to emotionally engage consumers to confront their attitudes toward spending and saving, Sanlam Personal Finance recently launched a digital campaign that demonstrates the effectiveness of saving tax-free.

The campaign features a series of filmed experiments at a restaurant, a bookstore and an ice-cream shop. In each experiment, unsuspecting subjects are getting less than they bargained for. The videos aim to make people aware that they generally don’t like to accept less in life – and to get them thinking about why this attitude should also apply to their savings, especially with solutions like tax-free savings accounts around.

In today’s world, we expect to get more in all areas of our lives. From shopping to friendships to our very selves, we demand the fullest amount. These experiments created a scenario in which people were forced to confront their attitudes and actions when it comes to what they do with their money and to consider why they sometimes accept less from their finances.