Nestlé hosts interactive media event in a bid to form healthier eating habits among SA learners

According to Nestlé’s 2014 Tuck-Shop Truths survey, a quick look into South Africa’s tuck-shops will reveal that the majority of offerings favoured by children include items such as chips, chocolates, pies, hot dogs, white bread sandwiches and donuts – a far cry from the healthy food groups that they require in order to grow mentally and physically.


In an effort to form healthier eating habits among South Africa’s learners, Nestlé South Africa hosted an interactive media event which focused on how to pack balanced school lunch boxes.


Naazneen Khan, Nesté Health and Wellness Manager, took the opportunity to delve into what nutrition children – aged between 7 and 12 – require for proper development, and how food can assist in maintaining concentration and energy levels throughout the school day. Tips and advice on how to get children excited about eating were also shared.


To put theory into practice, a demonstration of how to pack lunch boxes according to your budget was also given by the Nestlé team. Each lunch box incorporated variations of the essential components needed for a balanced meal – lean protein, starch, vegetables, fruit, dairy products and water.