More on Hennessys Very Special Limited Edition in collaboration with Faith 47


For the tenth annual Very Special Limited Edition in 2020, our client, Hennessy announced its global collaboration with the street-turned-studio artist Faith XLVII – the first South African artist to be part of the series.

As the guest artist for the tenth annual Hennessy Very Special Limited Edition, Faith XLVII was also the first female voice to join the Limited Editions series; a formidable artistic lineage that features internationally acclaimed talents such as Felipe Pantone, Vhils, JonOne, Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, Futura and Kaws.


Faith XLVII created a powerful work of art representing Hennessy through the elements, earth and the cycles of nature. With the sun and time as central elements, intricate detail pays tribute to nature via references to the moon, rain, clouds and grapevines accentuated in precious gold leaf. The bottle consists of a palette inspired by natural colours, combining gold elements with peachy, sunset tones, with striking graphic lettering paying tribute to the chalk inscriptions on age-old barrels stored in the Founder’s Cellar in Cognac.

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