Grade 2's creating Bostik Beasties at Prestwich Primary

Grade twos at Shine Literacy help to illustrate the Bostik Book of Unbelievable Beasties

Award-winning author Lauren Beukes, best known for her books “The Shining Girls” and “Broken Monsters”, is just two months away from publishing her latest book.  But this book is very different from what her readers have come to expect from her, as she tackles a group of monsters of a very different kind.  Funny things such as break-dancing dinosaurs, carrot-juice-slurping vampire bunnies or octodragon moose are just three of the beastly creatures readers can expect to meet in her latest literary escapade which delves into the land of Unbelievia.

In collaboration with Bostik – a household favourite when it comes to stationery for kids – Lauren has created 20 of the weirdest and wildest creatures to star in the Bostik Book of Unbelievable Beasties.  The only thing missing from the book are the creatures themselves – and Lauren is joining forces with the children of Shine Literacy, as well as children across South Africa, to help bring her beasties to life. Here’s a sneak peak of what to expect:

The Frosty Skidoo

 The Frosty Skidoo is a winter beastie that’s nice

Wherever it goes, it turns water to ice.

 With a swish and a skid and a mischievous wink,

It can turn any old puddle into an ice-skating rink

 It’s got skates for feet and glassy wings for speed

It leaves a trail of frost crystals, scattered like seed.

 On Wednesday 27 July, Grade Twos from the Shine Centre at Prestwich Street Primary School in Green Point were given the opportunity to create some weird and wonderful creatures for Beukes’s first children’s book.  Supported by Bostik, it was a morning of fun and creativity where the children were able to let their creativity run wild as they used crayons, scissors, shapes and glue to create some incredible beasties.

The project is open to children across South Africa and kids between the ages of six and 12 are invited to enter their masterpieces in the following ways. Parents can download an entry form from the Bostik website, read the rhyme describing one of Lauren’s 20 beasties, then let their child create their version of the creature based on the description.  There is an array of images that kids can cut out to help them along, or they can simply let their inner artist free on the page.  Once done, entries can be scanned and emailed to to be eligible for the draw.  Entry forms will also be available at all Col’Cacchio pizzerias nationwide between the 1st and 20th of August.

Competition entries close on the 20th August 2016 and the draw will take place in September 2016.  The best beasties will be chosen to feature in Lauren’s book to be published and launched in October.  The featured illustrators will each receive a copy, signed by the author, to keep forever and the rest of the books will be donated to Shine Centres country wide. The book will also be available as a free downloadable e-book from­.

For more information please visit as well as their Facebook page.  Terms and conditions apply.


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