• Siemens Healthineers Magazine

    Sustainability Report for Siemens Healthineers

    Siemens Healthineers’ published its first sustainability report, which we helped to design. Using minimal text and a combination of icons, images and photos, the 16 page report details the company’s initiatives to make healthcare in South Africa more affordable and…

  • Hennessy Book Drop

    The world’s most popular cognac brand, Hennessy is continuing to champion local creative entrepreneurs in their latest All I Needcampaign. This dynamic campaign tells the stories of eight real-life gamechangers from across Africa and boldly challenges us to see the world…

  • Cherry Time Content Shoot

    To signal the start of the holidays and cherry season, we art directed and shot some fresh content in studio for Cherry Time to use on their social channels during the festive season. The look and feel was kept clean…

  • Sanlam Savings Month Frugal Calendar Challenge

    This calendar was designed for our client Sanlam to help consumers practice frugal living during the month of July.

  • Transformer BotBots collectibles by Hasbro

    Hasbro’s newest offering within the Transformers range are the fun and mischievous BotBots. Aimed at introducing the Transformers franchise to a younger audience and tapping into the Collectable market, BotBots are everyday objects which transform into little robots after the…

  • Infographic: What EO Cape Town has done for you.

  • Boschendal Wines Content Marketing and Website Design

    For the full case study, go here

  • Sanlam Pink Tax Infographic

    A visual guide to help women beat #PinkTax in every day common situations. This infographic formed part of a bigger campaign, which you can read more on here.

  • MasterStart South African Workforce Research Report

    According to our client, MasterStart, the emergence of the Fourth Industrial Revolution has most South Africans looking to ‘future-proof’ their careers. The research was conducted by imagineNATION Alliance and then packaged and designed as a visual report for download from…

  • PropertyFox newspaper print advertisment

    Our digital real estate client, PropertyFox wanted to place an advertisement in the respective property sections of the Saturday Star and Weekend Argus in order to communicate their offering and model accordingly. They also wanted it to stand out and look…

  • PropertyFox School Feeder Zones guide

    To assist buyers and parents with better decision making when choosing where to buy for guaranteed school enrolment, PropertyFox commissioned research into South Africa’s feeder zones and catchment area policies, a report which was released in June 2018: ‘PropertyFox School…

  • Superbalist Beauty Media Drop

    With Superbalist having recently introduced beauty products to their website, the brand wanted to send out a media drop to advertise the new category to top beauty editors and influencers. The end result was a custom branded cylinder that inside…

  • Simba Sleep Infographic

    Designed to educate readers about the different sleeping patterns of South Africans by Simba Sleep Psychologist, Hope Bastine, as well as provide more information on the benefits of Simba mattresses.

  • 2017 PropertyFox Virtual Realty Report

    The latest PropertyFox Virtual Realty report, showcasing the most hashtagged places, cities and restaurants in South Africa in 2017.

  • Takealot Water Saving Media Drop

    This Takealot.com media drop was designed to create awareness around the Cape Town water crisis by advertising a curated store that the e-tailer put together on their site, featuring all their water saving products. The drop encouraged the consumer to…

  • After Access Infographic – The Inside Internet Story of Africa, Asia and Latin America

    A visual data research report focusing primarily on mobile and Internet use in the Global South. You can follow After Access on Twitter for more updates on the research.  

  • How will we live in 2025?

    Introducing the house of 2025. It was designed to visually showcase how advanced the typical home could look like in a few years time. Crispin Inglis, CEO of smart online real estate agency PropertyFox, believes that as early as 2025 homes could…

  • Refreshed EO Brand Communications Design

    A set of refreshed newsletters designed for the Entrepreneurs' Organisation. The new designs incorporate brighter colours derived from the 4 main brand colours allowing for a more visual engagement with the readers. Infographics were also designed to go into a notebook for…

  • Just Share Logo Design and Corporate Branding

    A full corporate look and feel conceptualised and developed for a new social justice initiative called Just Share.

  • How to support a loved one fighting Cancer – Infographic Guide

    This guide by Sanlam in collaboration with the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), has been created with the help of cancer patients and survivors and aims to oer practical tips on how to provide emotional, physical, financial and lifestyle…

  • PropertyFox’s top tips for a profitable Airbnb

    A visual representation of tips and tricks to consider before adding your home to Airbnb so you can make it as profitable as possible.

  • Cotton On Style Sheets

    Designed to showcase Cotton On's latest Winter trends for men and women based on specific themes for each category.  The purpose for these style sheets were to create hype around the new garments and to encourage shoppers who saw them…

  • PropertyFox Virtual Realty

    PropertyFox 2016 Virtual Realty Report

    The first ever annual designed and produced Virtual Realty report  – comprised entirely of data gathered from the Instagram posts of everyday consumers in 2016. We worked with research house Metric and analysed a total of 137 883 Instagram posts…

  • PropertyFox “The hidden costs of buying and selling” Infographic

  • Santam’s 1001 Days In Business

    Based on a national survey amongst business owners - who were either nearing their 1001-day mark or had just surpassed it. We released six reports to the media focusing on key topics and engaged experts to help interpret the survey…

  • Sanlam #conspicuoussavings media drop

    A conceptualised cardboard speaker box designed as a gift for influencers and media who attended the Sanlam #conspicuouossavings event. The branded music box followed the look and feel, as well as music theme of the campaign

  • 2016 Glacier Future Forwards Campaign Media Drop

    A campaign encouraging consumers to save for the retirement they want one day. With this in mind, a media drop was conceptualised and sent to influencers to showcase to them how they could retain their lavish lifestyles with Glacier and…

  • 2016 Sanlam Benchmark Symposium Research Books

    A set of 4 data and research books designed and packaged for the annual Sanlam Benchmark Symposium event.  Go have a look at these books on https://www.sanlambenchmark.co.za/executiveSummary.php            

  • Typo Earth hour Emailer

    Designed to promote Earth hour by showing readers what Typo products they could get comfortable with during the hour that their lights are switched off. Used as an emailer for the client to send out.

  • Cotton On Easter Moodboard

    An Easter tactical mood board designed to advertise Cotton On Bodys’ range of active wear. Popular key pieces from that season were featured as what to potentially pack for the long Easter weekend. It was sent out media and a…

  • Santam Cape Argus Infographic

    An info guide for cyclists participating in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour to educate them on how much they stand to loose if anything were to happen to their bikes or the accessories. It also shows them that cyclists do…

  • Santam “Buying a home” infographic

    A visual representation designed to educate consumers about what they need to know before deciding to purchase a house.

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