Translink Corporate Finance

The Idea

Translink Corporate Finance is a leader in global cross-border M&A. Founded 50 years ago in Switzerland, the group has grown exponentially and today covers 35+ countries. With so many offices around the world, Translink needed a consistent, bold CI refresh and clear brand positioning. This, in order to showcase the group’s unique magic – including its industry expertise, local market insights and the close partnerships that are integral to its success.

The Challenge

For a global group with offices and finance experts all around the world, aligning perspectives and expectations requires a carefully considered and collaborative approach. Establishing common goals was a critical first step towards creating a unified brand that everyone can be proud of, from Paris to Peru.

The Solution

Following an in-depth review of the existing brand and competitive landscape, together with surveys and deep-dive interviews with many of Translink’s executives around the world, a strong communications strategy was devised and a brand bible created. Both of these provided the blueprint for all Translink communications, including the comprehensive deck of collateral used by country offices in six regions.

A brand new website was developed to reflect Translink’s refreshed CI and brand positioning. With clear site navigation, a well-defined purpose and clean, modern aesthetic, the new website contains all the SEO fundamentals.

As Translink’s key social media platform, LinkedIn was identified as a key business tool to communicate the transactions it has closed and to demonstrate sector and local market expertise from partners and industry expert group leaders globally. With a LinkedIn strategy to include thought leadership content, commentary on topical news and trends and optimal announcements of the all-important transactions closed, post performance has seen pleasing growth

The Result

Website improvements include enhanced SEO and keyword strategy which allows for higher propensity to convert traffic. Improved navigation and visual aesthetic overhaul allow for better load speeds and an enriched user experience. The new content management system allows for quicker, easier updates to the site.

LinkedIn has seen an improvement in metrics with an 135% increase in post impressions, 131% increase in reactions and 103% increase in new followers.

All collateral was designed with brand positioning in mind as well as ease of use for country offices. From internal communications to socials and digital, this unified approach will allow for consistent brand recognition worldwide.