Johnnie Walker: The One Bottle Bottle Store

The Idea

Launch new premium whisky, Johnnie Walker Platinum Label into a saturated South African market.

Create demand and talk factor around the new product with a commercial sales target of 1000 units

Atmosphere worked closely with the King James team to develop a creative approach that would work across social, digital and PR and one that would both garner consumer and media attention.

The lack of ATL spend meant pressure was on PR to deliver business results.

INSIGHT: Research showed that our target audience aspired to exclusivity and one-of-a-kind experiences.

The Challenge

Traditional media was hesitant to cover another new label launch from the Johnnie Walker® stable as it was perceived as a purely promotional drive;

Product launches are generally not newsworthy;

Very little ATL advertising spend was available, this often drives support from the magazine titles in SA;

The House of Walker introduced Platinum Label™ at the same time as removing Green Label™ from our market which had the potential to confuse loyal brand followers and cause speculation.

The Solution

Using this insight we held back on national distribution and instead launched a pop-up liquor store: The One Bottle Bottle Store.

Store housed the one and only bottle of JWPL in South Africa which would be auctioned to the highest bidder.

A microsite was built to facilitate online bids which could be placed online via Facebook tab or at the physical pop-up store. 

For one weekend the winning bidder would be the only person in SA with a bottle of JWPL and what made this bottle even more valuable was that it was bottle No.1 and had been signed by Johnnie Walker Master blender, Jim Beveridge. A huge status symbol and gave the winning bidder bragging rights.

Proceeds from the auction were donated to NGO South Africans against drunk driving.

The Result

This unique approach positioned Johnnie Walker as an innovative brand and created a disruptive consumer experience.

After 2216 bids the collector’s bottle sold for 76 times its retail price

PR delivered 58 pieces of on-message coverage across top tier media, local and international, getting Johhnie Walker outside the marketing press

Watch the case study here below.