Takealot Launches Flagship Pickup Point

The Idea

As SA’s largest online retailer, Takealot has positioned itself at the forefront of ecommerce and as a leader in tech and innovation, while providing the utmost convenience for its customers. Customer-centricity is its core. Atmosphere conducted a two-pronged PR approach, which included a focus on corporate media relations and a media event.

The Challenge

In a country that is still relatively “new” to the idea of online shopping, many consumers are under the impression that online shopping consists of placing an order online and awaiting delivery to their doorstep. However, there are still friction factors associated with online shopping, including the fact that people aren’t always home to receive deliveries. This, plus the added convenience for their shoppers, was the reason for the roll-out of various Takealot Pickup Points nationwide. As an online retailer, it’s becoming more important to have a “physical” presence, and not only be behind the screen. We needed to educate our target market on the delivery options available to consumers, and the convenience and accessibility of the Takealot Pickup Points.

The Solution

We compiled proactive content ahead of the official launch event, which included the compilation of a media release on behalf of the Takealot Group and photography of New Road (before and during the event). This content was disseminated post event to key retail and tech media. Our second tactic was the media launch event which showcased flagship Pickup Point in JHB and allowed us to entrench relationships with key tech, retail and business media. The event also provided an opportunity for media to engage with the CEO and CMO of takealot.com.

The Result

Overall, the launch resulted in over 24 key media in attendance and over 20 pieces of coverage, with a potential reach of just under 2 million. The launch was featured in our top tier retail, tech and business titles in print, online and on radio, cementing takealot.com’s positioning as the leader in the ecommerce, tech and innovation space, while providing the utmost convenience for its customers.