Nola Summer Campaign 2019

The Idea

Nothing embodies the melting pot of cultures in South Africa quite like food. Very often the dishes we grew up with, the recipes that remind us of our childhood and offer comfort, are handed down between generations. However, as time goes on and with the pace of modern living and the influence of street food revolution, many traditional dishes and favourite foods have become reserved for special occasions. As a solution, we showcased Nola as an easy affordable, inspiration to adding a modern twist to favourite dishes.

The Challenge

Atmosphere was tasked with amplifying Nola’s 2019 Summer Drive messaging via an integrated communications approach. As an annual campaign, the challenge was to take the highly branded content out of a strictly marketing-focused context and establish relevance and resonance for the core audience.

The Solution

We partnered with local foodie Sithembiso Ndashe (Ndash) – founder of Ndash Food Concepts – whose ethos is centred on adding a new age modern twist to popular Mzansi recipes – to #CreateAStir. We planned a MasterChef style cooking workshop for select media influencers hosted by Ndash to introduce the concept. We curated creative content and recipes that showcased how to reinvent popular dishes and inspire audiences to create their own twist on their favourite dishes with some inspiration from Ndash and Nola. We seeded personalised Nola CreateAStir kits to relevant media influencers, with recipes that would suit their individual lifestyle, and challenge them to participate and amplify the key Nola messaging. We engaged an additional three social media influencers to co-create content around the campaign across their platforms.

The Result

The campaign approach generated over 216 positive, on-message posts across social media, online, broadcast and print with a potential reach of 9,6m+. 82% of the recipients of the personalised Nola kits covered the campaign across their platforms with the majority posting multiple times. Contracted influencer approach generated an additional 25k engagements across influencer platforms.