Merchants – Digital Executive Program

The Idea

Merchants is a leading customer management partner, specialising in business process outsourcing (BPO) that delivers customer experience and customer interactions. They have a global footprint with call centres servicing regions like Canada, the US, Australia, the UK and South Africa.
In order to position the Merchants executive team as industry experts, we needed to highlight their expertise, grow their networks into identified regions, and promote the value of Merchants as a trusted BPO business. Atmosphere developed a “Digital Executive Programme” run specifically through LinkedIn as this platform is becoming a really important resource for executives and key decision makers across all industries.

The Challenge

Research shows that 82% of consumers are more likely to trust a company whose leadership team is active on social media. Buyers and company decision-makers are now less influenced by messages that are pushed on them by brands, preferring to research solutions themselves from trusted sources. In the B2B space, it is now more important than ever that business leaders are online and positioned as thought leaders and brand champions for their businesses.

The Solution

In collaboration with three key Merchants spokespeople, Atmosphere developed an ongoing LinkedIn content calendar and shared content across three areas:

1. Topical news content – here, weekly content is sourced by the agency, comment is developed with our spokespeople and the finished piece is posted on behalf of the client.

2. Personal thought leadership content – each month, the Atmosphere team runs an information collection session with one of our spokespeople on a rotational basis. In this session, we flesh out ideas and viewpoints on certain industry topics and a thought leadership article is developed and loaded to LinkedIn.
3. Network building – each month, relevant industry groups are identified by Atmosphere and we facilitate joining these groups on behalf of our client contacts.

The Result

Within the first month of the programme running, the executives have experienced an increase in engagement on their posts each week, as well as positive feedback from their industry peers.
• Invites have increased by between 25% and 35%
• Profile views have increased by between 25% and 45%.
• Engagement rates have increased by between 20% and 36%

Other Merchants executives have seen the value of this focused approach and have asked to be included in the programme going forward.