Hasbro Gaming – Winter Campaign #savetimeforplaytime

The Idea

PR supported the campaign by driving relevance and relatability for the predominantly parent-fluencer audience by tapping into the issues that affect them the most and delivering a solution/ alignment in a positive empowering way while still driving Hasbro games conversation.

The Challenge

The 2019 annual Hasbro Games winter campaign was centred around a ‘human truth’ that parents don’t have/ make enough time during the day to enjoy downtime simply playing with their children, provided an ideal opportunity to provide relatable and thought-provoking content for the local audience. The #SaveTimeforPlayTime 360 campaign launched in two phases seeding the idea via a Hasbro curated video and the follow up campaign pledge housed on Facebook.

The Solution

PR partnered with two key influencers, Mome Mahlangu and Olwethu Leshabane to help seed the video in the initial phase predominantly among their own audiences as well as drive the pledge element. This was supported by seeding thought leadership type content around the issue and the importance of making time for playtime to key media influencers, in order to drive an emotional and relevant engagement. PR supported the campaign pledge phase by distributing a second content piece recapping the issue and solution and offering practical tips on how to carve out more time during the day for playtime. This was accompanied by a delivery containing a pledge voucher book with suggestions for parents and kids as well as an appropriate Hasbro game and a reminder magnet to #SaveTimeforPlayTime. The tactical delivery served to reinforce the pledge element and highlight the ‘’pinky promise’’ call-to-action captured throughout the campaign.

The Result

The two contracted Influencers drove 43750 views of the Hasbro video during phase 1. The PR approach yielded over 100 pieces of on message (90% key message penetration) on social media (a key Hasbro conversation platform) and online. The messaging content strongly resonated with Mom-fluencers, resulting in extended conversation and strong visual content incorporating the ‘pinky promise’. The Hasbro games delivered as part of the drop to provide a ‘real’ opportunity to just play – received good coverage and mentions tied into the campaign idea i.e. content featured the #SaveTimeforPlayTime call to action and showed recipients actively playing the games. 88% Of coverage received included links to the Hasbro campaign pages. #SaveTimeforPlayTime continues to be used by several influencers in reference to other Hasbro brands (i.e. Play-Doh) and when referring to making time to play in general, long after the campaign wrapped.