Glacier by Sanlam #FutureFWD

The Idea

We conceptualised #FutureFWD, a social media-driven campaign. Three young South Africans were paired with three retirees. Over the course of six weeks, the younger people (chosen for their influence on social media) lived the life of the retiree.

The experiment very clearly showed that retirement can be an amazing life phase. But it also showed that the realities of life can easily get in the way, from health scares to interest rates and petrol prices. Saving and getting solid advice early are vital.

The Challenge

Retirement is a topic most young professionals avoid. So we needed to find a novel way to get them to think about their golden years – even though it may be 20-30 years away.

The picture of retirement in the media is often clichéd: smiling seniors on the golf course or in the retirement village which is a snooze button for younger people.

Young professionals rarely mix with retired people – with the exception of parents and a few older relatives. This means they base their view of retirement on a very small pool of people – who may not be very accurate examples of what retirement is really like.

The Solution

Experiences were captured through social media and blog posts. Major insights were shared as the weeks progressed and promoted Facebook posts and short auto-play videos targeted young professionals. Proactive traditional media relations and a native advertising partnership with Personal Finance increased awareness and provided expert insights on the relevant topics.

Our approach brought the realities of retirement to life for young professionals. The substantial impact of the campaign was evident in the outpouring of messages on social media, which thanked Glacier for showing them the realities of retirement. Many comments stated a newfound commitment to starting the process of planning for the golden years.

The Result

This fresh approach had a direct impact on our younger target audience and it gave Glacier a platform to introduce an important topic which most young adults prefer to avoid. The response was remarkable as young professionals across the country took to social media to share how their perception of retirement changed – and Glacier was central to this conversation.

• 16-million impressions across social and traditional media
• 320 320 engagements on social media
• 227 670 video views
• R1-million worth in earned media exposure

“I don’t want to have to work forever because I didn’t make the right financial decisions. This project was my first time even thinking about retirement, and I have now set up a proper savings account that earns better interest and am looking into Retirement Annuities,” #FutureFWD influencer Bailey Schneider.