Game Name Dropping Campaign

The Idea

By tapping into the insight that people love to drop names, especially in the context of celebrities, Atmosphere used PR to amplify the Name Dropping campaign – a reference to both celebrity name dropping and big brand name dropping. The agency wanted to execute this on digital channels and drive more purchases via Game’s website as customers were still wary of visiting malls.

The Challenge

South Africa was exiting its third wave and as a result, foot traffic to stores was still subdued.

The Solution

Atmosphere partnered with a number of influencers and popular radio stations KFM and 94.7 to execute a digitally led PR campaign. This resulted in three activities which were tailored to get maximum awareness and reach. Atmosphere worked with popular influencer NoChill_god to develop a series of satirical videos with celebrities in which he would subtly drop a big brand product available at Game. Atmosphere worked with the influencer to produce content in the same style that his communities enjoy. The influencer ‘interviewed’ both Justin Bieber and Kim Kardashian.

The agency also executed a Twitter take in conjunction with Expresso which was hosted by comedian Dillan Oliphant. We focused on the categories of tech, home décor and baby by enlisting the help of influencer experts in these fields. Customers were given the opportunity to ask these experts questions about what they should purchase, while the comments were moderated in a comedic format by Dillan. Game’s contact centre was also included to drop links to the relevant products in the Twitter conversations that took place.

In partnership with KFM and 94.7, Game ran a digital competition on its social platforms where consumers simply needed to drop a picture of themselves with a celebrity using the #GotGame and #NameDropping. While not product led, the tactic did help to create awareness for Game’s overall Name Dropping campaign.

The Result

Overall, the campaign resulted in over 2.1m in reach and, on the day of the Twitter takeover, attracted 200 new followers to the platform. Furthermore, there was an organic engagement rate of 2.9%. The NoChill_god content generated 27.8% organic engagement with consumers with lots of tagging and mentions of Game. The radio partnership reached 700 000 listeners.