G-star RAW – Uniform of the Free

The Idea

We leveraged Heritage Month in SA, focusing on celebrating our diversity, and the contribution of game-changers in building our nation. Our focus was on the creative tribes that express their individualism through music, art or performance.

The Challenge

Launch the new ‘Uniform of The Free’ brand, make it unique to G-Star /RAW and ensure all communications link back to the product.

The Solution

Handpicked a selection of 5 local, talented individuals, that are game-changers. These produced original, local content, showcased at the official launch event. All content produced was amplified on social media by the ‘game changers’ –this was amplified through media, influencers and celebrities that attended the JHB event.

Imraan Christian assisted by his twin Haneem Christian, shot the local campaign imagery of himself, Karabo and Manthe as the lead local talents; Illustrator: Karabo Poppy illustrated the Instagram heaven; Performer: Manthe Ribane and her Der Ribane crew performed one of her songs and choreographed a dance performance; Art Curator Anelisa Mangcu hosted the talent panel discussion on the evening of the event; Music: Rosie Parade and DJ Doowap played the decks, with Doowap and her dancers doing a surprise dance performance.

The Result

Our local content was amplified on G-Star RAW social media channels across a number of other markets incl. Australia, USA, etc.

Social Media:
The talent collaborations gave the brand local relevance and resulted in:
5 influencers were engaged, which ensured 1 267 520 impressions the highest ever generated by G-Star RAW SA for a talent collaboration.

164 social media posts and 6 085 727 total impressions. Which ensured the highest reach ever generated for G-Star RAW South Africa.

Full campaign cost per impression = 0,09c