G-Star RAW Media Showcase

The Idea

Launch the new collection at a studio venue in Bree Street on a first Thursday when Cape Town is abuzz with trendy ‘city sleekers’. Collaborate with popular entertainers who are already part of the G-Star TRIBE to provide entertainment on the night and make use of live mannequins to showcase the new collection.

The Challenge

Traditional media days, where media come to a venue to view product on racks and shelves, have become stale and predictable. We needed media to interact with the new product in a way that would drive interest and reflect the G-Star RAW brand personality.

The Solution

We created an interactive event. A clever venue layout that allowed models dressed in G-Star RAW’s newest collection to stand on elevated platforms amongst the crowd, upbeat live performances by G-Star TRIBE members Yanga Madlala and Gina Jeanz, and eye-catching denim backdrops guiding ‘Instagram-able’ moments on a festive First Thursday set the scene for a media day with a difference.

The Result

The highly interactive event allowed for better engagement with the product and the live mannequins were a stand-out feature that received much praise from media as they could see the product on an active silhouette.

The festive spirit of First Thursday contributed to a great turn-out, while the photo-opportunity locations translated in event coverage.

We had a 22% increase in media attendance compared to last year’s media day with visits from top tier publications such as Cosmopolitan, S Mag, IOL Lifestyle, Hype Magazine, GQ and Glamour.

The revived format resulted in 273 social media posts on the night with an OTS of 4 237 166 – which is a 108% increase compared to the same period last year.