Cadbury PS: Valentines Day 2021

The Idea

To attract a predominantly GEN Z audience, centre the campaign around a selection of influential social media content creators who love local travel and have an engaged following who enjoy their lifestyle, travel inspired content.

Content collaborators who fit the criteria were also selected based on their relationship status ensuring we could tap into the theme of its all love– no matter your situationship – in the context of Valentines Day.

The Challenge

Cadbury P.S. runs an annual Valentines Day campaign aimed at driving engagement and sales of its popular messaging chocolate bar. With no new product variant or packtivation news, the campaign relied solely on a buy & win mechanic – win a selection of local holiday packages – to drive interest. Not very topical for a PR audience, who usually don’t engage with very branded promotional content.

The Solution

Over a period of four weeks, our eight social media content creator partners (and their BFF, significant other, sibling or solo) each visited one of the ‘stay-cation’ prize locations.

On location a content team captured them enjoying some of the highlights of the trip,  which was then used to develop content to drive interest and engagement with the brand and teasers to the prize offering. Content was  showcased across their own platforms as well as curated and shared to P.S. owned platforms in the form of user generated content.  Swipe up  functionality drove users from influencer pages to P.S. brand pages.

personalised ‘P.S. staycation kit’ was curated for an additional 60 social media influencers that included a teaser of some of activities that could be enjoyed at different prize locations including an Instamax to capture and share the occasion. Teaser kits included: wine tasting, outdoor picnic, high tea, pamper parcel and more. Recipients could select a teaser kit of their liking from a menu prior to delivery by promoters styled to the theme of the individual drop. 

Supported with snippet type content around how to celebrate all forms of love as well as partnering with relevant platforms to offer hamper giveaways to incentivise coverage & conversation.

The Result

8 Social media content creators generated 48 posts with Impressions of 956K+ & video views of 441K+

Average engagement rate across content creator posts was 8,43% (exceeding the industry benchmark for lifestyle micro to macro influencers of approximately 3,9 – 5,18%).

On P.S. platform  the Sobekwa Twins video garnered the highest CTR of 1.16% going over as well as doubling the  benchmark. 

Tactical drop experience & content generated 110 earned coverage pieces across both traditional and social media platforms generating PR impressions of 2,77M+

Coverage included 91% key message penetration 98% use of branded visuals.

Tactical drop experiences had a 92% post conversion rate. On day one of delivery there was a spike in competition entries, without any other extraordinary factor this is likely linked to the social media conversation.​​