Capitec helps South Africans share what they really want from their bank

In response to ongoing public frustration with South African banks, we launched a campaign on behalf of Capitec Bank, called The Speak Up Report. It invited people from all walks of life and influence to help re-imagine banking by sharing their opinions and ideas, to draw attention to what they want from their bank and ultimately to help give them what they really need.

Ideas and opinions for The Speak Up Report were crowd-sourced during January and February 2012 via an online survey, Facebook, Evly, and consumer and opinion former voxpops. This generated more than 725 responses from independent sources including members of the public, opinion leaders, consumer champions and popular South African personalities.

Key insights from the research revealed the need for a personal relationship with a bank manager, slashing of excessively high bank fees, greater transparency and simpler systems, and for high-tech to be tempered by high-touch.

Insights and opinions were translated into an engaging infographic and delivered to the then Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in a Speak Up ‘book’ the day before his Budget Speech. To our delight, he not only addressed these concerns in his Budget Day 2012 speech, but also gave us a little publicity by placing the book on his desk during the media briefing, which made the front page of The Times the following day.

The same infographic and full report were then released to the media and public via targeted media relations and social media. Facebook and Twitter were abuzz with members of the public talking about the campaign. At the time of writing, coverage valued at over R3.5 million had been achieved.

  • Our Finance Minister receives his "Speak Up" book
    Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan in his office on Tuesday. Gordhan is presenting the budget speech today (Wednesday). 21.02.2012. Picture: SHELLEY CHRISTIANS/THE TIMES
  • The "Speak Up" infographic
    Manifesto report
  • Business educator Dave Duarte gives a vox pop
    Speak Up_Gallery3
  • Andrew Brauteseth gives a voxpop for "Speak Up"
    Speak Up_Gallery2

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