Cadbury Dairy Milk celebrates its new look

Cadbury Dairy Milk is launching new packaging for all its variants during the first few weeks of 2021. The new packaging aims to showcase the goodness that is Cadbury Dairy Milk by highlighting that the ingredients are all sustainably sourced and also showcase the natural ingredients included. 

To spread this message and that by simply purchasing Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate consumers are helping build empowered cocoa communities, Atmosphere designed and curated an informative experience box that was two fold. On the one hand it shared information about Cocoa Life, Cadbury Dairy Milk’s sustainability project, and on the other it asked consumers to share which variant was their favourite to drive conversation around the new packaging. 

The media’s response to the box included strong message penetration for our client and resulted in a number of influencers pointing out the creativity and attention to detail that goes into all drops Atmosphere designs on behalf of Cadbury. 

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