Belvedere Vodka World Environment Day Media Drop

In the lead up to World Environment Day on Saturday, 05 June, media and influencers received these gorgeous packs to create their own signature cocktails from our client, Belvedere Vodka. Using key ingredients, they were

encouraged to create the Belvedere Spritz, the perfect drink for sundowners.

Belvedere Vodka is passionate about the nature around us and we wanted to bring this to the fore – highlighting the brand’s environmental efforts in sustainability and the simplicity in the crafting of Belvedere products.

30 ml Belvedere Vodka
2 Grapefruit Slices
1 Sprig of Thyme
Top with tonic water
Fill a cocktail glass to the top with ice. Combine all the ingredients. Garnish with 2 x grapefruit slices and a sprig of thyme and serve.