3 take-aways after a week at Atmosphere

The beauty of finding yourself in a fresh, new work environment lies in the fact that you will have your eyes and ears wide open, re-discovering your own job back home and absorbing as much as you can. After one week at Atmosphere Communications, I couldn’t stop adding things to my list of ‘take-aways’ to bring back to my job at Klenk & Hoursch in Germany. Three things stood out for me – although they’re not new ideas, seeing them put into practice had a refreshing and motivating impact:

By Julia Lehmann, a senior consultant from Frankfurt, Germany

By Julia Lehmann, a senior consultant from Frankfurt, Germany

Think visual. Did you know that our brains remember 80% of what we see, but only 20% of what we read? This alone would be reason enough to live and breathe visual thinking in our everyday work. Of course there are many more reasons – see here for a great visual summary. And it is not (only) about creating high-end videos – it starts with how we present a communications process, the results of a study or even a simple PowerPoint slide in a visually appealing way.

PESO all over. All of us working in PR have by now heard of the PESO (paid, earned, shared, owned) model. Considering and acting on it in our daily work – during brainstorms, project scopes, communications planning or even measuring the ROI of our work ­­– will be crucial in order to serve our clients with a truly integrated approach. Even if some of the media are managed by our clients or other parties, we should always have them in mind.

Never. Stop. Learning.  Whether you have worked in PR for one or five years, never stop embracing the new tools and channels that are evolving. Never heard of Voxpops, Oculus Rift, Blab or WeChat before? Well, we need to find out! Otherwise, we will miss out on a great many opportunities. As the digital landscape is undergoing massive change at a fast pace, there won’t be a work-around if we want to stay relevant in PR. The good news is: it is never too late to (re)start learning! Even better – it can be great fun to try new things!

Julia Lehmann is a senior consultant at corporate brand communications agency Klenk & Hoursch in Frankfurt, Germany.

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