2015 PROI Global Summit: Our top take-outs

Nicola Nel, founder and MD of Atmosphere Communications

As the only Southern African agency member of the Public Relations Organisation International (PROI) network, Atmosphere Communications was the proud host of the 2015 PROI Global Summit held in Cape Town in April this year. Around 80 members from as far afield as Brazil, Hong Kong and Poland were able to enjoy the delights of our Mother City while using the platform to share best practice and trends, and debate the opportunities and challenges facing the communications industry worldwide. Here are our top take-outs from the four-day summit:

By Nicola Nel, MD of Atmosphere Communications
By Nicola Nel, MD of Atmosphere Communications
  • The role of the traditional PR practitioner has steadily shifted. Communication specialists are now consulting at top levels of management outside the insular marketing arena and assisting in directing strategy versus simply acting as campaign implementers.
  • Best ideas, motivated by clear business outcomes, sell a campaign. The recent South African PR industry PRISM awards were proof in point that campaigns led by ideas and devised on a channel agnostic platform with simple, easy-to-follow stories, yield results.
  • Don’t discount digital – it is no longer a bolt-on to a communications campaign. Digital needs to be fully integrated from the outset of any campaign, contributing to seamless collaboration across all marketing disciplines.
  • Focus on content – brands have the unique opportunity to become publishers in their own right with a shift from message implementers to content generators.

And last but not least – insights supported by clear data and analytics, mixed with a healthy dose of creativity, ensure strategic and relevant campaigns sure to gain traction among key stakeholders.