2014 Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair – another successful year

The rooftop of Hyde Park Corner in Johannesburg was once again home to over 100 talented craftsmen and women for the fifth annual Sanlam Handmade Contemporary Fair in November 2014. Exhibitors included a diverse range of talented local furniture designers, ceramicists, garagiste winemakers and celebrity chefs, including David Higgs, Michael Holenstein and Thom Hughes.

There is currently a fast-growing trend of returning to the artisinal and celebrating well-made, ethically produced and desirable products with a story behind them. The organisers spent a lot of time searching for the perfect exhibitors to showcase at the Fair and, judging by the 12 500 guests that visited the Fair over the course of the weekend, this was a job well done.

Commenting on the success of this year’s Fair, Carl Roothman, chief executive of Sanlam’s Investment Retail Business, says: “It’s always inspiring to see local talent being supported and celebrated, especially local craftsmen who invest their time, creativity and money into what they do. This Fair allows for exactly that, and we are very proud to be a part of it.”