• SAM Vacancy Post-01

    Atmosphere is Hiring!

        We’re looking for a Senior Account Manager to join our financial services team in Cape Town. This is a great opportunity to progress your career by joining one of SA’s most awarded agencies. If you’re an energetic, creative…

  • 2017 Virtual Realty

    2017 PropertyFox Virtual Realty Report

    The latest PropertyFox Virtual Realty report, showcasing the most hashtagged places, cities and restaurants in South Africa in 2017.

  • Logo with background-01

    Takealot Water Saving Media Drop

    This Takealot.com media drop was designed to create awareness around the Cape Town water crisis by advertising a curated store that the e-tailer put together on their site, featuring all their water saving products. The drop encouraged the consumer to…

  • Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 09.38.17

    After Access Infographic – The Inside Internet Story of Africa, Asia and Latin America

    A visual data research report focusing primarily on mobile and Internet use in the Global South. You can follow After Access on Twitter for more updates on the research.  

  • Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 13.56.29

    How will we live in 2025?

    Introducing the house of 2025. It was designed to visually showcase how advanced the typical home could look like in a few years time. Crispin Inglis, CEO of smart online real estate agency PropertyFox, believes that as early as 2025 homes could…

  • Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 13.55.58

    Refreshed EO Brand Communications Design

    A set of refreshed newsletters designed for the Entrepreneurs' Organisation. The new designs incorporate brighter colours derived from the 4 main brand colours allowing for a more visual engagement with the readers. Infographics were also designed to go into a notebook for…

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